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For many years the island of Krk has been a favourite tourist destination for many visitors from all over Europe and the world.The island is in many ways unique and attracts attention with its extremely rich history, culture and natural beauty. According to its latitude and position, it is located in a zone of pleasant, temperate and mild Mediterranean climate. The temperature is favorable in both winter and summer. The tourist season begins in April and ends in October. The islanders attract guests with their hospitality and the natural beauty is just breathtaking.


 If you are considering island Krk to be your next vacation destination do not think much because you will not regret it. Furthermore, you will give the islanders the opportunity to welcome you with their warm Croatian hearts and diversity of great food. Last but not the least, you will enjoy so many beautiful beaches, rich cultural and historic monuments and different kinds of entertainment and sports events.

Island Krk is called Golden Island- Insula Aurea What do you think why?

Well, there are numerous reasons for that. Believe us – it really is golden. It is no wonder that the largest Croatian island has been inhabited since ancient times and remains can be found dating back 10,000 years BC. Through such a long history, many various nationalities have lived here. Even in the past people recognized all the possibilities that the island offers. 

The name of the island can be found in the records of ancient writers in several variants with common root that comes from the Illyrian name Kurik. The Romans called it Curicum. Splendidissima civitas Curictarum ( Shining town of people of Krk) can be found on one tombstone and today is kept in the lapidary of city of Krk.

Through such a long history, the island has had its ups and downs, but with the development of tourism, it shone in its true splendor, which still shines today. Tourism began to develop at the end of the last century with the arrival of the Czechs, who recognized Krk as an excellent place for health tourism due to its natural beauty and clean air.

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Tourism began to develop in the largest centers: Krk, Baška, Malinska, Punat, Vrbnik and Omišalj and today holiday homes/rental apartments  have been built in every small village.

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