Krk is an island in the northern Adriatic known for its natural beauty, among which are beautiful beaches and rich history and cultural monuments. With an area of ​​about 410 km2, it is the largest Croatian island, and is also one of the high Adriatic islands with the highest peak Obzova (569 m). It is connected to the mainland by a […]

In addition to gastronomic events on the island during the summer months, various entertainment events are held in which tourists can get acquainted with the fun history customs of the island of Krk. Centuries-old customs are still preserved in some parts of the island. These are real traditional festivals that are held mainly from Spring to […]

Spring has arrived and the weather is great to explore island Krk on foot. The brave ones can also enjoy the sea but there is so many amazing walking trails where you can get to know beautiful and diverse places all around this fantastic island. There are 300 kilometers of marked hiking trails all around the […]

The island of Krk is of special importance for the entire Croatian cultural history due to its Glagolitic tradition and the Bašćanska ploča – one of the most important Glagolitic monuments. In a beautiful green valley are towns Draga Bašćanska, Jurandvor, Batomalj and Baška. One of these places is famous for the discovery of a stone tablet with […]

Apart from the rich gastronomic offer, cultural and historical monuments, various manifestations and events that celebrate tradition and historical heritage fans of active tourism have planty to do on the island. The island of Krk has countless hiking and biking trails that can be enjoyed by hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts. You can find more information about