Manifestations & Events

In addition to gastronomic events on the island during the summer months, various entertainment events are held in which tourists can get acquainted with the fun history customs of the island of Krk. Centuries-old customs are still preserved in some parts of the island. These are real traditional festivals that are held mainly from Spring to Autumn. All of them are almost always related to some church holidays or  to the patrons of the villages.sus.

Concerts, Local Festivals, Fisherman Days, Regatta, Exibitions

There are various traditional festivals such as Ivanje in Vrbnik, Stipanje in Dobrinj, Lovrečeva in Krk and other.  During summer months different cities on the island organize specific entertainment, sports and music program. The only thing you have to do is choose where you want to go 🙂 


In some places, during these events, young men and women dance in traditional costumes to the sound of traditional instruments such as well known old instrument “sopile”. Sopile (in Istria something similar is called roženice) is an old instrument similar to today’s oboe. Today, this instrument with very penetrating sound and very interesting features is preserved in the Kvarner, Kastav, Vinodol and the island of Krk.

Every summer city Omišalj revives the spirit of ancient Roman times with an already traditional ancient dinner. Ancient evenings are one of the most recognizable events in this place and there you can enjoy gastronomy. This cultural event takes visitors back to ancient times of Romans. The ancient atmosphere is made by original music, gladiators, street entertainers, torchlight and other. It is really something worth to see!

If you decide to come to island Krk in any tourist office you can find calendar of events, concerts or other manifestations in every city or village on the island. From April till October there will be planty of happenings where you can feel the heart of the island with such a rich history.  For a moment you can be there – in some older times, feeling the vibrant life of islanders in the past.