Rich History & Culture

The island of Krk is of special importance for the entire Croatian cultural history due to its Glagolitic tradition and the Bašćanska ploča – one of the most important Glagolitic monuments. In a beautiful green valley are towns Draga Bašćanska, Jurandvor, Batomalj and Baška. One of these places is famous for the discovery of a stone tablet with a Glagolitic text in the small church of St. Lucia. It turned out that this is one of the most significant records in the Croatian (Old Croatian) language, which turned Jurandvor into one of the most important places of Croatian culture and literacy. Today you can visit the museum, and if you are already nearby, there is Sanctuary of Lady of Gorička which is also worth a visit.

Pitoresque old towns – Castles – Museums- Monuments – Churches

There are also many churches, sacral buildings and castles. Furthermore, there are monasteries  and remains of basilicas from which we can read the rich history of the island. Tourists can visit various exhibitions, walk through the walls of the old town or visit historical museums.

It is worth to mention the islet of Košljun, located between Punat and Krk. It is a unique cultural and historical place that you should definitely visit if you are on the island. There is a Franciscan monastery where monks have collected various sacral objects and valuables for centuries and preserved them to this day. Here you can find a numismatic collection that, in addition to old coins, also contains coins from all over the world. There is a legend about an islet according to which there was no sea in the bay but a field of brothers, one of whom was blind. They worked the land together, but in the end the blind brother was deceived. This provoked the wrath of God who flooded the field with the sea and only the possession and land of the blind brother remained. On the islet there are no restaurants or bars and swimming is also not allowed.  You can come to the islet by taxi boat from Punat.

While on island Krk be sure to visit the City of Krk where the Frankopan Castle is located. Once it was an important fortification in the function of defending the city. There is also the Krk Cathedral. This early Christian basilica was built in the  V. century on the site of a Roman baths.  In addition to all of mentioned above this city provieds so much more so we will stop here and write about this more detailed in some other blog 🙂 

It is amazing that one island has such a rich history and even if you do not like to visit churches and see historic buildings you will have the opportunity to drink coffee or sip a glass of good wine in the old town or castle surrounded by the hustle and bustle of exciting events and daily life during the tourist season.